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Ecomm Forum

Minneapolis, MN
“The best damn conference on planet earth, probably.”
— Somebody, most likely.

What's Ecomm Forum all about?

For the 9th year running, Ecomm Forum is back on October 12th, 2023, and this year we're going in person. Join us at Hutton House in Minneapolis (or on our live stream around the globe) for an exploration of the world of ecommerce best practices, new technology, trends, and expert information. Join us and our host of speakers, panelists, and sponsors as we dig into how your website can drive your business forward. It’s the best damn ecommerce show out there (or at least the most fun).


  • Jimmy Sherman

    Jimmy Sherman

    Chief Bag Inflator
    The Northerly Gales
  • Ila Borders

    Ila Borders

    Retired Professional Baseball Player
    Making My Pitch
  • Darin Lynch

    Darin Lynch

    Founder and CEO
    Irish Titan
  • Sharon Gee

    Sharon Gee

    Senior Vice President of Sales and Partnerships
  • Nathan Nerland

    Nathan Nerland

    Director Partner Acquisition & Channel Partnerships
    Target Plus
  • Paul Dabrowski

    Paul Dabrowski

    Senior B2B Channel Manager
  • Sanjeev Gill

    Sanjeev Gill

    Global GTM Partnerships & BD
  • Jack McCann

    Jack McCann

    Founding Farmer
  • Amy Struve

    Amy Struve

    Senior B2B Marketing Manager
    Minnesota Wild
  • Larissa Loden

    Larissa Loden

    Larissa Loden
  • Keri McGhee

    Keri McGhee

    VP, Events & Partner Marketing
  • De'Vonna Pittman

    De'Vonna Pittman

    Founder & CEO
    Nature's Syrup Beauty
  • Jacob Tooman

    Jacob Tooman

    Strategic Alliance Manager
  • Greg Ahneman

    Greg Ahneman

    Head of Agency & Associate Partnerships
  • Bridget Mendoza

    Bridget Mendoza

    Chief Information Officer
    Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Jason Nyhus

    Jason Nyhus

    General Manager US
  • Jennie Robertson

    Jennie Robertson

    Ecommerce Manager
    Green Bay Packers
  • Dilyar Askar

    Dilyar Askar

    Head of Community & Evangelism
  • Marc Conselman

    Marc Conselman

    Founder and CEO
    Texas Boot Company
  • Cassi Cregar

    Cassi Cregar

    Channel Partner Manager
  • Hanna Hartman

    Hanna Hartman

    Director Of Operations
    Achieve Equine
  • Tameka Jones

    Tameka Jones

    Lip Esteem
  • Jenna Pugh

    Jenna Pugh

    Posh Pickler
  • Larry Thoma

    Larry Thoma

    Founder & CEO
    Atomic Age


1:00 - 1:05 P


Jimmy kicks off Ecomm Forum 2023
1:10 - 1:35 P

Opening Keynote

Ila Borders (Retired Professional Baseball Player and hometown hero) delivers a NON-ecommerce-focused keynote to set the stage for leadership, company culture, and personal growth.
1:35 - 1:55 P

Omnichannel: Omnichannel Commerce, Today and Tomorrow

Omnichannel Spotlight from Sharon Gee, SVP of Sales and Partnerships at Feedonomics and Nathan Nerland, Director Partner Acquisition & Channel Partnerships, Target Plus.
1:55 - 2:25 P

Build: A Wild Farm to Table Ecommerce Journey

Speakers Paul Dabrowski (BigCommerce), Sanjeev Gill (Stripe), Jack McCann (TC.Farm), and Amy Struve (Minnesota Wild) focus on building a powerful new ecommerce channel.
2:25 - 2:55 P

Grow: From Gorgeous Hair to Big Bold Jewelry - Growing Ecommerce Brands

Larissa Loden (Larissa Loden), Keri McGhee (Attentive) De'Vonna Pittman (Nature's Syrup Beauty), and Jacob Tooman (Avalara) speak on growing an existing ecommerce channel to new heights.
2:55 - 3:20 P


Refill Your Whiskey
3:20 - 3:50 P

Build: Building Brands with Cheeseheads and American Art

Greg Ahneman (ShipStation), Bridget Mendoza (Whitney Museum of American Art), Jason Nyhus (Shopware), and Jennie Robertson (Packers) focus on building a powerful new ecommerce channel.
3:50 - 4:20 P

Grow: What Do Horses and Boots Have In Common? Ecommerce.

Dilyar Askar (Justuno), Marc Conselman (Texas Boot Company) Cassi Cregar (Bloomreach), and Hanna Hartman (Achieve Equine) speak on growing an existing ecommerce channel to new heights.
4:20 - 4:50 P

Hustle: The Hearts and Souls of Ecommerce

Tameka Jones (Lip Esteem), Jenna Pugh (Posh Pickler), and Larry Thoma (Atomic Age) discuss how ecommerce has accelerated their business.


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